STIHL BR 700 Backpack Blower Review

STIHL BR 700 Backpack Blower ReviewSince last two months, we have gone crazy for Backpack Air Blowers. We have taken many tests to test the strength, power and performance to find the Best Backpack Blower.

After sorting out many products on the basis of performance, efficiency, value, features and customer reviews we eventually find some of the best product that fall in our criteria.

In this review I am covering STIHL BR700 Backpack Blower, which did excellent in tests.

STIHL BR 700 Backpack Blower Review

Key Features

  • Simplest staring process with semi-automated choke
  • An easy to accessible button to stop engine which enables the user to shut off engine with just one touch.
  • Feature adjustable handle
  • Large blower tube length
  • Rubberize handle offers firm grip
  • Anti-vibration, Backpack pad and Extra-wide strap

STIHL BR 700 Backpack Blower Features

STIHL has manufactured this product and advertised it as the most powerful product. It comes with 64.8 CC engine and capable of delivering 36.7 Newton blowing force.

Fixed-Length Tube

It features a lightweight fixed length tube and more flexible connecting hose that reduces the fatigue and increases up to 20% cleanup speed. With its excellent power it is optimal for tackling large jobs. You can see more best backpack leaf blowers on our site.

Run-Time and Fuel Efficiency

It offers quite well fuel efficiency, in our 6 oz fuel efficiency test it runs for 6 minutes and 50 seconds which the most time in our list; in fuel efficiency test this STIHL topped the list. It runs almost 53 minutes and 52 seconds. The only drawback which limits it run time is small fuel tank, it has 47.3 fl. Oz. Fuel capacity as all the other in our list has almost 20 fl. Oz. more fuel tank capacity than STIHL BR 700.


Its flexible hose enable the user to swivel the tube quickly, leading to large walking speed and in less time cover more surface. Despite of powerful engine it includes some other amazing feature that make blowing experience more hassle free and interesting. It includes a locking ring which enables the user to unlock or relock extension by turning the ring to right or where it was respectively.


In our tests there are many things that gone right for this BR 700. Once again it topped the list in ergonomics testing. Firstly, it weighs only 23.4 pounds, for the heavier jobs the lightweight proved one of the best feature.

Secondly, it features an anti-vibration technology. It vibrates very little and won’t discomfort anyone who strapping this on his back. It probably surprising when you hanging an engine on your back and won’t feel any vibration. No doubt, the anti-vibration system is quite effective.

Thirdly, it is very easy to start and include a throttle choke lock which helps to ensure that you are accurate starting position.




  • Easy to grip
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Vibration less
  • Strong built, durable and reliable
  • Powerful engine makes difficult looking tasks easy


  • Small tank capacity
  • Expensive in price


The STIHL BR 700 Backpack is comes with many hand and useful features. It includes throttle lock for choke, anti-vibration system as well as lightweight. If you really want to add value to your money than make this excellent product your prior choice

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